Saturday, February 22, 2014

BACAT and all that...

BACAT (Bay Area Categories and Types) is a meet-up group organized by my friend Vlad.

It's an interesting collection of people, with different backgrounds and motivations. In the last organizational meeting (Jan 2014) I proposed that we study Linear Type Theories and Applications to Functional Programming and try to collectively write an state-of-the-art paper on it, by having different people present some of the work in the area. I said I could kick-off the works by presenting some very old work on linear type theory. Yesterday I did that, new, very bad quality slides are now in slideshare.

Now it seems to me that the goal of writing collectively a state-of-the-art paper on X is an ideal project for a Polymath style project. I may be wrong, as perhaps state-of-the-art papers are by nature too subjective?...Or it may be that there's too much ground to cover to make this effort feasible? (Chris Brinkley seems to think so here.)

I don't know, but it seems worth a shot. In any case, reading your own paper 22 years later is kind of an strange experience.

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